[Watch Video Below] Hold onto your hats, guys. Today we share with you an exciting demonstration flight of an F-22 Raptor during an airshow at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The video includes an insane take-off followed by the pilot twisting and turning the aircraft in ways that don’t seem possible. The steep angles of the vertical take-off, followed nearly immediately with a 90 degree twist to level off enabled by an thrust/weight ratio of 1.08, proves the F-22 nimbleness.

The F-22 is a single seat, all-weather stealth air superiority fighter aircraft. It was introduced into service in December 2005. There are 187 operational aircraft and they are only in service with the United States Air Force.

The F-22’s two Pratt & Whitney turbofans with afterburners produce 35,000+ lb of thrust each. This enables the F-22 to reach Mach 2.25, or 1,500 mph, at altitude. The combat radius of the Raptor is 529 miles, and it can carry a deadly weapons payload to perform either air-to-air or air-to-ground missions.

Watch below as the F-22 Raptor shows off its high maneuverability in this Jet Friday edition. Have a great Friday! Use the social share buttons on this page to share with your friends.

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