APQ-159 Air-to-Air Radar System

apq-159 radar antenna as 4066

What Is An APQ-159?

The APQ-159 is the radar of the F-5 Freedom Fighter and F-5 Tiger II. Designed to replace the APQ-153, F-5’s original radar, this upgrade doubled the range and greatly increased the reliability of the F-5’s radar system.

Duotech has extensive test and repair capabilities for the antenna assembly, receiver/transmitter, radar processor, and the indicator of the APQ-159.

Supported Components

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APQ-159 Components

  • Antenna AS-4066
  • Signal Data Converter CV-3397
  • Radar Set Control C-10132
  • Radar Processor MX-9816
  • Radar Receiver-transmitter RT-1221
  • Video Indicator IP-1261
  • Data Display Indicator IP-1278
  • Radar Power Supply Coupler CU-2204

Created purely as an air-to-air radar system, the APQ-159 has two search modes using B-scope display and C-scope foresight gunnery display with ranging. It’s also equipped with automatic lock-on for a dogfight mode and can help guide the pilot onto target when firing the AIM-9 Sidewinder

Data Display Indicator IP-1278

Receiver Transmitter RT-1221

Signal Data Converter CV-3397

Antenna AS-4066

Processor MC-9816

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